Techie Apartment Complex Declares San Francisco the "Promised Land"

NEMA hadn't even opened before the luxury apartment complex became the recipient of San Francisco's collective scorn. The complex, which is conveniently nuzzled between the headquarters of Twitter, Square, and Uber, attempted to rename the poverty-stricken Mid-Market neighborhood "New Market"—ostensibly to help its… » 8/19/14 8:00pm Yesterday 8:00pm

Uber Launches Corner Store Delivery In D.C.'s Whitest Neighborhoods

It's been a busy day for Uber. In addition to adding a presidential mastermind to the payroll, the company also began an "experimental" delivery service called Corner Store "rolling out first to DC area customers." According to ThinkProgress, those customers all have something in common. (Spoiler: they're white.) » 8/19/14 7:03pm Yesterday 7:03pm

Legendary Investor Has No Idea If Delivery Apps Will Ever Be Profitable

Silicon Valley loves reviving the dead. Whether it's propping up publishing or resuscitating mobile app incubators, investors are hellbent pumping money into yesteryear's financial fiascos. And no where is that Culture of Resurrection quite as apparent as it is in the on-demand delivery market. » 8/19/14 6:35pm Yesterday 6:35pm

Obama Mastermind David Plouffe Is Now Uber's Machiavelli

In 2008, David Plouffe helped Barack Obama win one of the most pivotal elections in American history. Today, he just announced he's going full-time at Uber, helping the transit startup try to conquer the world. » 8/19/14 2:19pm Yesterday 2:19pm

I Went To A Magical Kickstarter Party And All I Got Was So Much Bacon

There is a mystical place in San Francisco where whiskey drinks are made with marshmallows, salads contain pork three ways, rows of grilled cheese are constantly replenished, and the pale beer option is saison. All of it is free. People are healthy as fuck. It's as if everyone stepped out of a PacSun commercial. » 8/19/14 1:30pm Yesterday 1:30pm

One Woman Finally Calls Out a Tech Investor for Creepy Advances

Almost all venture capitalists are men, which means a woman with a good startup idea will almost certainly need the favor of a man at some point. Sometimes the man exploits this imbalance, but for many reasons, names are rarely named. But here's a woman who isn't afraid. » 8/19/14 1:20pm Yesterday 1:20pm

The tech boom has already pushed up office rents in San Francisco 81 percent in four years, causing rents to approach levels last seen during the dot-com bubble. Now analysts are predicting the city's office rents will surpass Manhattan's "by the end of 2015." » 8/19/14 12:25pm Yesterday 12:25pm

Startup Staples Ad On Parking Tickets Promising To Make It All Go Away

In the new appified San Francisco, startup advertisements are everywhere: Our highway are lined with their obnoxious billboards, spinning-sign guys are used to recruit Lyft drivers, and ads dangle from doorknobs like pizza menus. Now, one startup is taking the scourge of parking tickets and using them to hawk… » 8/18/14 8:45pm Monday 8:45pm

Google's Cafeteria Has a Multimillion Dollar Chicken Bill

Google developed a reputation in the mid-aughties for its lavish employee perks, particularly their corporate kitchens dishing out gourmet meals for their well-fed workers. But in a recent Business Insider profile of Nate Keller, the former Google executive chef unveiled the high cost of keeping Mountain View's… » 8/18/14 5:20pm Monday 5:20pm

Glasshole Wants You To Wear A Computer On Your Face While You Cook

National Geographic magazine, a mail-order Caring About Things merit badge for baby boomers, has been running a "Future of Food" series on the Plate, its food blog, for the past few months. This month's entry was written by Mary Beth Albright, an attorney, food writer, and former contestant on Food Network Star's… » 8/18/14 4:46pm Monday 4:46pm

People Keep Getting Into Strangers' Cars Because They Think It's An Uber

Just because Uber's motto is "Everyone's private driver," doesn't mean every car is yours for the hailing. But the popularity of apps like Uber and Lyft have spawned some awkward curbside interactions. "Basically anytime I'm pulled over on the side of the street, someone tries to hail me or just opens my car door,"… » 8/18/14 12:15pm Monday 12:15pm

Kevin Rose Can't Help Himself From Relaunching Failed Startup Idea

What happened to just letting a shitty idea die? For Kevin Rose, giving up the dream of owning a thriving app incubator is something he can't let go of. The former television personality's last company, Milk, released one app before the entire company shut down. Now after two years of investing, Rose is rehashing his… » 8/15/14 6:20pm Friday 6:20pm

TV Commercials Use Cute Kids To Exploit Panic Over Technology FOMO

Children make great props for gadget commercials. They're cute—like lil mini grown-ups with years before the regret sets in. They also say the darndest slogans. But recent barrage of precocious tots in tech ads puts a cheery face on latent panic currently hovering around threat level teal: our inability to keep up… » 8/15/14 2:00pm Friday 2:00pm

Facebook Donates $10,000 to Anti-Gay Crusader

On Facebook's diversity page, the company celebrates their gay users, proclaiming "we want you to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self." Mark Zuckerberg himself has shown up to San Francisco's Pride Parade, riding in a faux cable car down Market Street. However, when it comes to political donations,… » 8/15/14 1:00pm Friday 1:00pm

Sam Lessin is leaving his role as VP of product management at Facebook, signing off with "[smiley face] feeling gratitude." Lessin came to Facebook through the acqui-hire and plans to kite-surf, trouble-make, and help out his wife Jessin Lessin, founder of the tech news site The Information. » 8/14/14 7:41pm Thursday 7:41pm

Driving the Tech Elite to Work Is a Miserable, Thankless Job

Tech buses don't need anymore bad press. Their mere existence in San Francisco has been enough to make them the most hated bus system in America. But a new report is certain to drag their reputation down even further: companies are paying their bus drivers obscenely low wages and forcing them to work 15.5 hour days,… » 8/14/14 7:00pm Thursday 7:00pm