Ellen Pao Loses on Every Count in Blockbuster Gender Discrimination Suit

Ellen Pao, the former Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers junior partner who sued the high-powered Silicon Valley venture capital firm for gender discrimination after she was allegedly sexually harassed, targeted for revenge by a former lover, and passed over for a promotion, lost on each the suit's four counts Friday. » 3/27/15 6:12pm Friday 6:12pm

News Industry Shrugs, Prepares to Hand Entire Business Over to Facebook

Facebook, a dull and endlessly scrolling record of personal propaganda and content headlined in two or more sentences, isn't satisfied with the way its 1.4 billion users (most non-sentient) consume the news. According to the New York Times, it takes an epic eight seconds for the average Joe Facebook User to load an… » 3/24/15 12:33pm Tuesday 12:33pm

A Guide to the Sex Discrimination Lawsuit That's Roiling Silicon Valley

Ellen Pao's blockbuster lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers has been described as "exposing Silicon Valley secrets" and putting the usually secretive world of tech-industry VCs "under a microscope." » 3/09/15 2:56pm 3/09/15 2:56pm

Psychopath Who Harassed Brianna Wu: Just Kidding!

Earlier this month we wrote about "Jace Connors," a seemingly deranged violent Gamergate obsessive who filmed himself kicking a wrecked car and claiming he'd been planning to attack the game developer and writer Brianna Wu. At the time, we believed that "Connors" was terrorizing Wu out of a sincere belief in the… » 2/25/15 1:28pm 2/25/15 1:28pm

Revenge Porn Sleaze Craig Brittain Wants His Past Deleted from Google

Before it was shuttered by the federal government, IsAnyoneDown.com published naked photos of women without their consent. Now Craig Brittain, the site's former owner, is demanding that Google erase anything that mentions his history of brazen, mass privacy violation. That's so cute. » 2/25/15 1:28pm 2/25/15 1:28pm

Cherry Magnate Shoots Self in Head as Cops Raid Hidden Drug Stash

The owner of a Brooklyn-based maraschino cherry company killed himself Tuesday during a drug raid on his Red Hook factory. After watching law enforcement agents discover a fake wall, Dell's Maraschino Cherries owner Arthur Mondella reportedly locked himself in his private bathroom, yelled "take care of my kids" to his… » 2/25/15 1:27pm 2/25/15 1:27pm

Edward Snowden Banned From Reddit During AMA

During an AMA to promote CITIZENFOUR this afternoon, reddit moderators temporarily banned the Oscar-winning documentary's subject from commenting. Edward Snowden was forced to sign-in through another account to explain the delay in his answers. "Hey guys, sorry — the reddit mods are being a little weird. My account is… » 2/23/15 3:31pm 2/23/15 3:31pm

The Time a Cop Pretended His Arm Was a Vagina to Bust a Cyber-Perv

Sometimes the long arm of the law clutches you with nothing more than brute force and brawn. And sometimes that arm folds back onto itself, posing as an underage girl's vagina, in order to trap and incriminate an internet predator. » 2/23/15 2:22pm 2/23/15 2:22pm

Facebook Now Lets You Choose Who Manages Your Account When You Die

What happens to your Facebook profile when you die has long been an important, if controversial, issue. Now, the social network will let you designate a 'legacy contact' to take care of your profile when you die. » 2/12/15 2:31pm 2/12/15 2:31pm

Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb?

A few weeks ago, a couple friends and I were about to watch a surprisingly bad scifi movie in my crowded apartment. One of them asked if we could dim the lights, and started to head to the switch. "No, no, I've got it," I said, reaching into my pocket. "He's reaching for his phone!" said the friend. This was the… » 2/12/15 2:29pm 2/12/15 2:29pm

The AI Revolution: How Far Away Are Our Robot Overlords?

Imagine taking a time machine back to 1750—a time when the world was in a permanent power outage, long-distance communication meant either yelling loudly or firing a cannon in the air, and all transportation ran on hay. When you get there, you retrieve a dude, bring him to 2015, and then walk him around and watch… » 2/09/15 3:19pm 2/09/15 3:19pm

Baseball Bullies Trying To Rob Startup Of Its Logo

WalletHub is a social network where people can share information about credit cards and personal finance. The company has a logo that features the letter W, in white, on a green background. Not so fast, says Major League Baseball. In a classic jocks-versus-nerds standoff, the baseball guys claim that the WalletHub… » 2/09/15 11:32am 2/09/15 11:32am

Does Anyone Know What's Really Going On At Jawbone?

Fortune just did a big story on gizmo-maker Jawbone, reporting that the company last summer was sued by Flextronics for not paying its bills. We're hearing rumors that Flextronics might not be the only company having trouble collecting from Jawbone, and that Jawbone, which is 16 years old and still losing money, might… » 2/09/15 11:20am 2/09/15 11:20am

Truthiness: Jon Stewart Rips Anti-Vaxxer Mom, Leaves Out One Fact

You may have seen the Jon Stewart bit about the measles outbreak, where he teed off on Tracy Skytt, a Marin County mom presented as a goofy liberal California anti-vaxxer. What you may not know is that Stewart and his producers edited out part of the original CNN clip — the part where CNN reported that Skytt's… » 2/05/15 12:30pm 2/05/15 12:30pm

Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty on All Counts in Silk Road Trial

Today, a jury found Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht guilty of seven charges related to his alleged role in running the deep-web bazaar for drugs and other contraband. Ulbricht admitted in court to creating the site, but insisted that he sold it to another operator and left the business before the FBI arrested him in… » 2/05/15 11:28am 2/05/15 11:28am