Is your smartphone up to your lifestyle? That's a question a lot of us ask ourselves, and for some people, until now, the answer has been no. But now there is a Lamborghini smartphone and it costs $6,300. Basically it's an Android phone in a garish, vulgar, tacky case. You can see it on the company website, but you might also enjoy this video on Business Insider where they interview Mr. Bob Hatefi from Lamborghini. It feels a bit like something you might see on Saturday Night Live.

In case you don't want to sit through the video, I'll just quote the best part, which is when Hatefi is asked why the phone costs so much and basically just tells the truth:

"The price is all about status. Being unique, being different has a certain cost. The cost is meant for the people that can afford it. We are not a mass market product. The concept is not how to stand in the storm but rather how to dance in the rain. If you want to be different, if you can afford it, if you want to have a product that is up to your lifestyle, up to your position, up to your social status, why shouldn't you buy it? If you drive a $200,000 car, why would you buy a $400 phone?"

In other words, no real reason, except some people feel really good when they pay too much for something. Also, something about the phone serving as an umbrella? Not sure.

Hatefi also points out that the Lamborghini phone is actually priced less than its competition — by which I think he means the Vertu phones, which cost up to $22,000. He has a point. The Lamborghini phones are just as awful as the Vertu phones, and at a fraction of the price. If you're a rich tosser but not that rich, here's your phone.