There are few people whose careers have taken a worse nosedive than mine, but Ben Parr might be one of them. At the very least I can say that Ben and I have been on similar downward trajectories, and for that reason alone I feel a kind of kinship for him. And I am loath to mock him for making money in men's rooms in Las Vegas, because I fear that after this gig at Valleywag that kind of work might be all that is left to me, and at my age it won't be easy.

The back story: Ben used to be a blogger at Mashable. Then he decided to become an angel investor, and he created the wildly unsuccessful #DominateFund and began wearing Google Glasses all the time. More recently Ben has published an actual book, Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention, whose cover shows him leaping out from around a corner, like Spagett, the character from the Tim and Eric Awesome show who goes around trying to scare people.

This week Ben is at CES, and last night he tweeted a photo of himself (above) holding a $100 bill that he "found on the floor" in a Las Vegas men's room. Okay. You found it. Seriously, I wish you all the best, and hope that book sells. Nothing but love.

For what it's worth, that photo of Ben triumphantly clutching a $100 bill that he scraped up off the sticky floor of a filthy men's room in Las Vegas captures all of the horror of CES, and of the current culture of Silicon Valley, in a single image. Well played.