Pando's Erin Griffith is heading to Fortune, which means Silicon Valley's press release clearinghouse of choice is down to one original writer: Michael Carney, whose claim to fame is blowing this story.

Griffith broke the news to her colleagues in the following email:

I have some news: I'm starting a new job at Fortune in a few weeks. It was not an easy decision to make, but I'm excited to join a publication I've admired my entire career.

This means I'm not coming to the retreat, but I am going to stay on for another week or so and will need to be updated as to whether Cale defends or relinquishes the drunk torch over the weekend.

It's been incredible to watch Pando go from its launch, with Sarah and teenaged Trevor Gilbert trying to beat TechCrunch from Sarah's living room, to today, where the site is churning out incredibly sophisticated, influential stories that drive the conversation. The company is poised to grow even more in influence and value this year.

Her exit comes on the heels of two other prominent departures: executive producer Kym McNicholas and general manager Oni Rovatti. Remember: last person to leave Pando, please turn off the iMacs.

I'm waiting for comment from Pando editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy and Griffith herself.

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