[There was a video here]

It starts with a Martin Luther King Jr. quote, and ends as a total mystery: an internal video memo from Apple's chief is very strange, and the company is trying to scrub it off the internet.

The dispatch was originally obtained by 9t5Mac and forwarded to us after the site removed it following pressure by Apple. It urges caution within the iPhone mill's business division:

As Dr. Martin Luther King once said, the time is always right to do what's right. At Apple, we do the right thing. Even when it's not easy. If you see something that doesn't meet our standards, speak up. Whether it's a quality issue or a business practice, if it affects Apple's integrity, we need to know about it.

See something, say something, basically. It sure sounds like Cook is responding, vaguely, to a particular issue or concern—not that Apple would admit that in twenty thousand years. I can imagine few things more frightening than your boss (the head of the most valuable company on the planet) telling you to be careful, like some sort of sci-fi Moon King.