An old pal just found something startling on his Yahoo homepage and sent in the following screengrab of the Yahoo homepage, featuring an incredibly negative article about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ratting out a coworker back when she was working at Google:

The article was written by Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider and is worth a read. Basically it's a not very flattering anecdote about Mayer reporting a friend to Google security because she suspected that person had leaked to the press — based on evidence that was not entirely bulletproof. No word on whether Mayer and that friend are still friends.

More important: how did this article find its way to the Yahoo homepage? Four theories:.

1. The Yahoo homepage is assembled by machines that can't read the articles.

2. An editor made a mistake.

3. An editor was being passive aggressive.

4. Mayer supports total editorial independence for Yahoo News, and encourages them to publish anything they think is newsworthy, even if it reflects poorly on her.

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