There are only three decent Twitter parody accounts in tech. There's the late, great @fakedorsey, which deleted its imaginary dispatches from the mind of Jack Dorsey. Then there's @ViceMeme, although that's more oh fuck this is life now than funny haha. And, before it got suspended, @A16ZElevator showed real promise.

I've reached out to Andreessen Horowitz and Twitter to see why the account got booted, but thankfully Techmeme's Gabe Rivera got screenshots of their official "Tech Douchenozzle Power Rankings" and "Power Couple Rankings" just in time.

Except for the "PMS" comment (whoa there brosef), it all seems pretty accurate! I'm sure if Sam tries hard enough, he can break into that coveted 1-6 slot.

This post is not an endorsement of lame parody accounts. Resist the urge.

h/t @gaberiveragaberivera