Twitter co-founder Biz Stone left his 140 character-sharing startup to launch Jelly, an aggressively-hyped question-and-answer platform that quickly slid off the app charts. But Biz is building a new product that he hopes could bolster his company's fortunes: Super.

TechCrunch's Josh Constine was the first to notice Super, an app that basically looks like Andy Warhol vomited all over Secret. And like Secret (and Twitter), Super is yet another app that allows users to share short statements—this time with a BuzzFeedy twist. Via TechCrunch:

[Super] lets you share statements starting with "The Best", "The Worst", "I Wish", "Check Out", "Don't Ever", or a few other prompts. You can sign your name or not, and people will see your declaration in "Friends", "Everyone", and "Nearby" feeds. But what's special about Super is that it scans what you wrote, and then automatically adds a background image and offers a few alternates based on your keywords.

Stone tells Valleywag that Super is just a side-project, evading the question of whether Jelly is over for good:

Jelly is out there in the app stores being used by a bunch of folks who really love it and it'll stay out there. Super is a fun new project that we're having a blast working on but it's not officially launched, we're just beta-testing with friends and family. Super is really fun, we'll see where that takes us.

Stone isn't sharing the release date, but says it'll be out "When it's good enough to ship." And he says the company has not raised more money to build out Super, suggesting resources were diverted away from Jelly.

But one thing is certain: while the app might not be out of beta, it's already being spammed with promos.

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