If you've been wondering how Brit Morin, the $6 million lanyard empress (and former Google employee!), finds DIY ideas to plagiarize, here's a rambling post about how much she loves Bing. Brought to you, of course by Bing.

"Boy, has technology changed over the years," Brit ponders, with the gravitas of a 9th grade yearbook note.

We are evolving and technology is evolving at the same pace, if not faster. That’s why we got so excited last week when we caught wind that Bing, one of our go-to search engines, was revealing a completely new look that resembles anything but a traditional search engine.

The post is filed in Brit's "favorite things" category, and not until the very bottom do you see this:

This post is sponsored by Bing.

With sweet advertising money coming in, what does Brit+Co need with her millions in tech venture capital backing?