It's fine for a startup with $30 million in venture capital to not actually have a product—but what if it doesn't have an office, either? A tipster tells us Clinkle, the software disaster that keeps on disaster-ing, just fled its SF headquarters.

From Clinkle's former neighbor:

I work in the same building as Clinkle`. They quietly moved out of the building about a week or so ago (after only 1 year — must have been the lease term) and I can't find anything anywhere on where they've gone. This is a pretty expensive space at 360 Third Street and they had like, half of an entire floor plate or something so I'm assuming they downsized.

Sure enough, Clinkle's former spot—360 3rd St #400—is now occupied by Udemy. The only physical presence I can find for the troubled company, which has been working on the same app for a longer period of time than it took for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to start a family, is a PO box. An email to Clinkle's prodigy CEO asking why they moved hasn't yet been answered, nor has one to the startup's PR address—probably because their PR person quit. I very much doubt this is anything but a "bad sign."