If coders are the new rockstars, then hackathons (marathon coding sessions to experiment with software) are a natural setting for a music video. A millennial CEO like Lucas Duplan gets that, which is the $30 million Stanford sob story is lifting its spirits through power of song.

Last September, Clinkle debuted an extended emo commercial for a product that has yet to launch. Much like that commercial, the electro hackathon montage contains absolutely no information whatsoever about what Clinkle is or does or might do or when it will launch.

Then why did Clinkle, which recently left its San Francisco office and is bribing people to beta test the service, waste money on a vanity vid? I think the t-shirt slogan says it all.

Clinkle Hackathon from Clinkle on Vimeo.

h/t @minimaxir