One way to staunch the flow of disastrous news from your disastrous startup is not even having a PR person anymore: Fortune reports Clinkle's Ana Braskamp, who might've had one of the bleakest jobs on our planet Earth, is no longer at the company.

Braskamp's departure comes straight after the exit of Clinkle's head of HR, just last week. It's unclear who is even left at the company—I've heard the team is down to under 30 employees—besides Lucas Duplan, the deeply competent tween CEO.

I reached out to Clinkle for comment on Brakamp's departure, but am not expecting an answer, since there is literally no one whose job it is to answer questions about Clinkle. Instead, here's a product update from the company that still has yet to release an actual product:

Yes, the Clinkle app now requires the use of an IRL debit card, thus pretty much defeating the entire purpose of Clinkle, which is paying for things via smartphone. But this is only a hypothetical nuisance in the hypothetical world in which Clinkle is a thing that you can download and use, and not just an enormous case study in ineptitude.

Photo: Facebook