"Hot" "business" tip: "business reporter" Chris says "all of that cash on Yahoo's balance sheet is burning a hole in Marissa Mayer's pockets." How much cash? How much burning? Enough to burn the passage of time backwards and buy a company that doesn't exist anymore, because Facebook already bought it. In 2011.

"Gowalla is another check-in service that Yahoo, Mayer and Goldman could look at if they do indeed pull the trigger on another purchase," speculates Ciaccia:

Gowalla is pretty much the exact same thing as Foursquare, but the user interface is a lot nicer, and probably not nearly as expensive as Foursquare would be, after its most recent financing raise.

This is probably what Facebook figured two years ago, when it purchased Gowalla and then shut it down.

Update: This post appears on CNBC, but is originally from TheStreet.com, which CNBC.com syndicates, and was ergo an indirect double-fuckup.

Update 2: Here's a correction.

This story was originally published June 5, and has been corrected to reflect the fact Gowalla was acquired by Facebook in 2011. TheStreet regrets this error.