The campaign to split California into six smaller states in order to benefit Silicon Valley isn't just nuts—according to a California politico, it's illegal, too.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Steve Maviglio, former congressional staffer and press secretary for California Governor Gray Davis, has filed a complaint with Secretary of State Debra Bowen (attached at bottom). I spoke with Maviglio, who said he's aware of around "a dozen" instances of apparent voter fraud like the one we reported last week, wherein signature-gatherers misrepresented (or straight up lied) the petitions being handed out.

If true, this means Six Californias (and its backer, Tim Draper) have broken state law. Maviglio tells me he's not expecting much from Bowen's office in the way of intervention, but if the Six Californias initiative does make it to ballots, he'll consider taking them to court. You would hope it'd take more than a single concerned citizen to stop a venture capitalist from gaining traction with his plan to destroy and reorganize an entire state, but here we are.