Say a Hail Mary for Dave Morin, because it looks like God's favored form of transportation isn't arriving anytime soon: Business Insider reports that Elon Musk, the PayPal billionaire behind the awesomely crazy idea, is backpedaling.

Musk originally said the "alpha" design of the Hyperloop—which sounds like it's basically a giant gun that blasts you from San Francisco to Los Angeles—would be published this month. He might've gotten ahead of himself, according to a recent chat with investors:

I think I kind of shot myself if I ever mentioning Hyperloop, because obviously I have to focus on core Tesla business and SpaceX business and that's more than enough, but I did commit to publishing a design and provide quite a detailed design I think on Monday and then invite critical feedback and see if the people can find ways to improve it and then you can just be out there as kind of like a open source design that maybe you can keep improving and I don't have any plan to execute, because I must remain focused on SpaceX and Tesla.

Open source? Bummer. I wanted the ultimate form of future travel now. On the other hand, if Musk's investors might raise a few eyebrows if he stopped paying attention to his burgeoning electric car business to focus on an imaginary train cannon. But I hope Musk at least won't stop talking about the Hyperloop—we need more rich people with interesting imaginations and enormous plans, however infeasible for now.