Obnoxious but waggishly charming tech mogul Elon Musk is 43 years old and getting divorced for the third time. There's a twist this time because the woman he's divorcing is the one he divorced last time. It's like this. Elon married one woman, Justine Musk, and had a bunch of kids with her, then divorced Justine to marry an actress, Talulah Riley, then divorced the actress, then remarried the actress, and now they're divorcing again.

The question is, If you were Elon Musk, why would you bother getting married at all? Elon Musk is Iron Man. He's rich. He's handsome. He builds rockets and super-fast electric cars. Why doesn't he just accept that he is a stud and play the field? Why does he keep trying to be a regular married guy?

There can be only one explanation, which is that deep down, beneath that arrogant, obnoxious, abrasive exterior, Elon Musk is a hopeless romantic. Elon Musk wants to be married. He believes he can settle down and love one good woman and be a strong family man, just like in an Alan Jackson country song. This is the life he wants. He just ... can't ... do it.

So what's the problem? Maybe he works too much and he's never home. Maybe all he does is talk about work. He does run two companies, after all. Maybe it's because Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence and killer robots are going to destroy us, which is true — they are going to wipe out our species — but still I bet his actress wife got sick of hearing about that and just wanted to catch up on Homeland and go to sleep without having to hear all the ranting about how Terminator could really happen in real life. Good luck, Elon. I'm sure the right gal is out there somewhere. Keep trying. Stay strong.

[Photo via AP]