Besides air, nothing good can come from having something present in all places at all times. Not even Wi-fi. But that didn't stop Eric Schmidt from trying to make a case for Google's artificially intelligent offspring.

At a conference called OASIS: The Montgomery Summit, Schmidt said Google is hard at work on automation that will "replace a lot of the repetitive behavior in our lives," reports Bloomberg.

"We're experimenting with what automation will lead to," Schmidt said yesterday at a conference in Santa Monica, California. "Robots will become omnipresent in our lives in a good way."

Google is pushing ahead with products beyond its core search business for new sources of user traffic and revenue in areas such as mobile and online video. The company also has shown a willingness to make bets on longer-term projects, such as wearable technology, robotics and driverless cars.

"The biggest thing will be artificial intelligence," Schmidt said...

Only the oligarchs at Google would try to sell you on the upside of omnipresence. It's possible that line was just another one of the Schmidt's wry jokes. But the chairman might want to check with GOOG's new artificial intelligence ethics board before drawing a line between good and creepy.

Here is the interview Schmidt did with Bloomberg's Emily Chang. The omnipresent comment is about 20 minutes in.

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