Last week, Google announced that Eric Schmidt got a $106 million bonus based on the company's 2013 performance. According to the New York Post, he hasn't wasted any time putting it to good use.

Sources told The Post that Schmidt bought a $22 million, 1.3 acre estate in Los Angeles once owned by Gregory Peck's wife.

Conveniently for the tech ladies' man, the estate in the exclusive enclave of Holmby Hills is right nearby Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. Schmidt's 9,182-square-foot, seven-bedroom "French chateau" was listed for $24.9 million.

Schmidt hardly needed the hefty bonus for the check to clear, of course. Funds for the mansion could have just as easily come out his $8.3 billion net worth. A local real estate expert also told Valleywag that the property hasn't officially closed, so records don't yet show a change in ownership.

Whether or not you think someone who stepped down as CEO three years ago deserves a bonus that would make Lloyd Blankfein blush, we can all agree the executive has impeccable taste in real estate. You can get a more immersive view of the property here. Bunnies not pictured.

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