Despite a healthily trending #RIPVine Twitter tag and full press coverage, today's Instagram reveal hasn't popped any minds. Or even made them fizz. It's video, on Instagram. It's fine. Cool. But the one guy you'd expect to muster some energy about it hasn't uploaded a single video.

CEO Kevin Systrom's speech today contained all the zeal and showmanship of Zuckerberg with mono, only making his painfully canned pitch sound all the more forced. "This changes everything." So you'd think he—or his handlers at Facebook—might've considered forcing an upload or two to his account, which hasn't been touched since June 2nd.

Come on Kev, at least lie to us. It doesn't look good when Lululemon is vidstagraming before the thing is even available, and you're nowhere to be seen.

Update: Late last night Systrom posted his first Instagram video, featuring a close-up of a very pricey looking sushi platter.