In her 2012 book The Boy Kings, early Facebooker Kate Losse describes the tribulations of being a woman at a company that didn't get women. A new eBook by another early Facebook alum details just how uncomfortable it was.

Noah Kagan is semi-quasi-famous for being fired from Facebook before his stock ever vested, meaning he missed out on a very large sum of magic IPO funny money.

Today, he's some sort of motivational e-marketing guru, and self-publisher of eBooks like this one: How I Lost $170 Million: My Time as #30 at Facebook. In a passage flagged by Business Insider's Alyson Shontell, Kagan describes the "frat house" vibe at the nascent social network's HQ:

The office really was a fraternity. Our original office was emblazoned with the Greek letters Tau Beta Phi, AKA "The Face Book," and was covered with graffiti. To make the experience all the more authentic, there was actually graffiti of a woman shitting in the women's bathroom. It had to be removed when a VC investor decided to visit the office.

There was a patio on the roof where we would drink beers, smoke and just talk about our future. For a while, unsurprisingly, people called the office "The Frat House." When the first women were hired at the office, the situation, as you can imagine, could no longer remain the same.

This jibes with a passage in Losse's book regarding office graffiti:

The graffiti in question is presumably the work of David Choe, the "street artist" whose pre-IPO mural netted him hundreds of millions of dollars after Facebook went public. He also recently went on a podcast and talked about having possibly raped a masseuse.

If you have any photos or details of the Woman Shitting artwork, please let us know.

Photo of another David Choe artwork, not of a woman shitting, via Scott Beale/Flickr