After its repeated New York blood-lettings, erstwhile design superstore is pretty much putting Europe out of its misery: reports the site will now only sell custom-made furniture across the pond.

The latest news is that Fab Europe appears to be winding down to the bare minimum, rather suddenly announcing that it will henceforth focus exclusively on selling its custom-made furniture.

Goodbye flash sales model, but also goodbye to being able to buy any design item other than Fab-made furniture in any European market.

Although a Fab rep told "The custom furniture design option for Fab customers is one we're delighted to focus on in the EU," this is not a pivot. Unless you count Blockbuster selling its last copies of "Dante's Peak" on VHS before it shuttered a pivot. This is desperation, a face-saving that doesn't save much face at all.

And how soon until it spreads back across the Atlantic?