Your shared links and mobile uploads are alright, but let's be honest, no one really cares about you. Your Facebook status is going to get like, ten likes, tops. It's not going wide. But if a famous person does anything online, we'll click it—and AllThingsD reports the social network is courting the a-list like never before.

Peter Kafka says Facebook "has bulked up a global team tasked with courting and hand-holding stars; in some cases it offers incentives for those who post." What kind of incentives? If you're too cool to be bothered to take photos of your own, Facebook will take care of that:

For one star, [Facebook's Nick Grudin] says, the company provided a photographer to take “behind the scenes” shots at a sporting event; Grudin says Facebook might consider doing that again.

The site is also using part of its advertising space to let stars self-advertise instead. If Facebook wants to usurp Twitter's spot as the de facto home of the rich and famous, a picture of Channing Tatum's baby might be worth a lot more in the long run than another sponsored post from Bonobos.