Silicon Valley's anti-government fervor hasn't spread to the main-est of the mainstream so far: no calls for secession from Zuck or Dorsey. But that doesn't mean big tech money isn't reaching radical elements. The Washington Post reports that Google's given money to the people grinding federal politics to a halt.

Citing a new report by PR Watch, the Post says Google "gave money in the past year to Heritage Action, the upstart conservative advocacy group that helped set in motion this fall's government shutdown." Indeed, the Tea Party-friendly group is cited on Google's transparency page as having received "substantial" contributions from Google's U.S. Federal Public Policy and Government Affairs team—though "substantial" is left undefined.

Google and Heritage Action are both completely mum on the details of their relationship. But with others in tech buttering both sides of the toast, it'd be naive to expect Google to abstain from playing dirty DC politics, too.

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