Is this the "big moment" for face computers? Does pairing a $2,300 Gucci turtleneck or $1,200 Balenciaga boots with a $1,500 pair of gadget glasses make them haute? Will you look like a model—or will the model look like you? No to all of these, of course, but Google's at least scored itself some glossy mag cachet.

As Nick Bilton writes in the New York Times, Glass is a long way from anything resembling fashionability—or even a look that won't make strangers want to give you a swirly:

People I’ve spoken with in Silicon Valley who own a pair of Google Glass share a somewhat similar feeling. While they love the glasses for their technological prowess, many say they feel incredibly self-conscious when wearing them in public.

The 12-page spread, part of Vogue's september issue, also features Yahoo! CEO discussing mobile apps and why she favors even numbers, thus sealing this as the dorkiest issue of Vogue in the publication's history.