Building 15, a gargantuan aerospace structure outside LAX airport, was once used to construct the Spruce Goose. Soon, it might be home to another focal point of hubris, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Just look at that thing! It's hard to even scroll down the photo. The Journal says Google is itching for another 300,000 square feet of desk and bean bag chair space, despite the fact that this building is a hangar. This is not an edifice that's really conducive to working inside of, unless that work is the construction of the Spruce Goose:

It hasn't been easy, in part because of its design. It is rather atypical—to say the least—for office space. The hangar has two bays that are 750-feet long—more than twice the length of a football field—and its ceiling is more than seven stories high.

I guess one historic Californian hangar just isn't enough for these guys.

Photo: Getty