Don't invite veteran software designer Scott Jenson to your next tech conference, unless you're prepared to sell out Madison Square Garden: ReadWrite reports the stuck-up veteran bailed on a speaking gig, scoffing "I do not speak to small groups."

Google's "Don't Be Evil" mantra has been giggle-inducing for some time now, but even expecting them not to be "kinda pissy and arrogant" seems too much to expect:

According to eyewitnesses, Google product strategist Scott Jenson angrily stormed out of a conference in San Francisco Tuesday, 30 minutes before he was scheduled to deliver a keynote address—a week after inviting himself onto the program via Twitter.

"I am Google," he told a woman working at the registration desk of the Internet of Things Expo. "I do not speak to small groups."

And then he left.

ReadWrite adds that Jenson had invited himself to speak at the conference via Twitter.