Another strike against Google in the public outreach department: the company's experiment with water-based private transit is depriving Bay Area sea-lovers of a beloved whale watching vessel.

The Triumphant was christened this summer, and soon took part in adorable community moments like this:

"I want to see a whale and take a picture of it," the 10-year-old Holmes Elementary School student said excitedly. "I get to visit whales and sea creatures!"

Draffen was among the Long Beach Boys and Girls Club children and city and community leaders on hand Wednesday to celebrate the christening of the M/V Triumphant, Long Beach-based cruise operator, Harbor Breeze Corp.'s sixth and newest ship.

Now Harbor Breeze Corp. is reassuring its Facebook followers that, yes, the software people will eventually return the 150-passenger boat that's current being used to shuttle a few dozen Googlers at a time.

"Bring it back soon," big whale watching time" pleads one ocean mammal enthusiast. Another local nails it: Those google boys can buy their own boat—this one is for whale watching."