The new app economy means anyone is a potential toiler. And since the sharing economy happens to coincide with a generally not-very-good American economy, the exploitation factor has never been better for people like this:

I am looking for someone to hold a place in line for me tonight tonight at the Upper West Side Apple Store starting at 11pm or midnight for the iPhone 5S launch on Friday at 8am. I will be able to relieve them in line between 6am and 7am. Looking to purchase a White/Silver 64GB iPhone 5S. I live nearby and can quickly be there if any issues come up (i.e. wrist band distribution or something like that). Thanks!

And of course, in Silicon Valley:

Help Me Skip The iPhone 5S Line in Palo Alto

Please wait in line at the Apple store for the new iPhone on launch day. You show up at 3am, and I'll meet you there at 7:30-8:00am to swap spots in line. Text me when you get in line and I'll text you when I'm on my way and when I arrive.

Just think how fucking stellar services like TaskRabbit will be next time there's a war draft to dodge! If only Exec had stuck it out a little longer—this is just the Sloth Renaissance they needed.

Update: Fuck our species: