The gilded dust has settled across Cannes after last week's advertising Hajj, and by all indications, Tumblr's party was a hit! Drinks, palm trees, etc. But we weren't invited, and neither were you, so here's what it would've been like to attend Karp's fabulous French bar tab.

The company, which desperately needs to start making some money someday and ergo needs to start making ad exec friends, spent like a company that actually makes money, taking over Cannes social mainstay Gutter Bar. I know it's a "Cannes social mainstay" because I googled it, not because I'm dickhead.

It was a large party! Could large European expenditures be Tumblr's express lane to revenue?

Partying on the road outside Gutter Bar and Martinez. 3am or something.

— Satbir Singh (@thesatbir) June 21, 2012

There was drinking.

Agency CCO literally in gutter outside Gutter bar. Junior snaps a picture, finds themselves promoted when picture vanishes. #agencylife

— Adland (@adland) April 12, 2013

Lots of drinking!

No lines at the Gutter Bar? #showusyourbling and we'll take care of that! #canneslions @LeoBurnett

— Lindsey Oglesby (@lindseypaige98) June 19, 2013

And the kind of entertainment that only Yahoo cash can get you:

Gutter bar shot! #cannesbingo RT @nelson_heidi: Only at Cannes - dancers on the roof next to Gutter Bar.

— Adland (@adland) June 17, 2013

But where was nouveau riche boy king David Karp, other than off insulting his staff? He created Tumblr, shouldn't he be at its party? He had better things to do, says the New York Post: "A lot of my friends have come to the Gutter Bar, but I have mostly been waving from across the road, sitting under a palm tree." By under a palm tree, he means at a better party:

The newly minted multi-millionaire was surrounded by women as he downed bottles of Dom Perignon Lumiere at jet set club Gotha, where Diddy spun records and performed until 4 a.m.

Probably what any of us would be doing, too.