Last night, Hewlett-Packard hosted a launch event for its new Helion Development platform at Temple, a nightclub in San Francisco's Financial District. To celebrate cloud computing, the company offered guests a giant fake pink cloud, "loads of light up glow sticks," and a performance by Flo Rida.

"SATIRE HAS BECOME REALITY!" one attendee told Valleywag, directing our attention to the first season of Silicon Valley where Flo Rida performed at "Peter Gregory's Orgy of Caring featuring Flo Rida," as a caricature of excess and obliviousness. On stage Gregory, a character based on Peter Thiel, refers to the rapper as "Flord."

"It was one of the stranger developer events I've been to," the attendee added. The food trucks had fancy fried chicken, burgers, and pizza, plus an open bar, and a silent disco (before Flo Rida performed).

You can't blame HP for wanting to reward the folks who showed up. The event "was prefaced by a panel discussion by some execs," the guest told Valleywag, "and then a long demo of HP's HELION cloud."

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