If Your Startup Is a Store at LaGuardia, You're in Big Trouble

No one is exactly sure what Zady, a gabbed-about shopping startup with $1.35 million in venture backing, "does." Ostensibly, it's a just another design-y place to buy ethical jeans, notebooks, and other bourgeois horse shit—but it's murky. So the startup is making a brave move: opening a store in an airport.

A TechCrunch post from today puts it very, very politely: "Zady Goes Very Much On The Beaten Path, With A Pop Up At LaGuardia." LaGuardia! Not even the nice airport around New York:

The conscious consumerism startup Zady is angling to boost its profile this gifting season by setting up camp in the beating heart of holiday foot traffic: the Delta terminal at LaGuardia Airport.

For the next two months, the ecommerce site will be operating a pop up shop in the hopes of capturing the attention of harried travelers who probably need to buy last-minute gift and probably don't want to do it at the mall. But it's really a win-win: the shop is just as much about getting Zady's name out there as it is about swiping credit cards.

From the photo, supplied by Zady, it looks like the IRL website will offer duffle bags, baskets, and... a sweater? I can't really tell. But it seems in line with most of the stuff you can buy at any airport. Bags. Maybe these bags are nicer than the other bags, but there doesn't seem anything about this jetset bag strategy that will "get Zady's name out there."


But moreover, if the only way you can drum up interest in your online internet technology website is by tempting people with time to kill at LaGuardia, what does that say about the entire basis of your company? At what point does a startup stop being a startup, and become just another store at the airport? Is Hudson News a startup?

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