There are really "two Californias," one in which many successful white people congratulate each other and spend money earned through silly ideas, and another, where the same thing occurs a little to the north. There's been a cultural crevasse between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley—until these two became friends.

Variety reports that "the bond between Ryan Seacrest and [Instagram creator] Kevin Systrom is a friendship forged in food." As you can see, there's a charcuterie plate right there in front of them on the cover, where the pair is having a casual afternoon of selfies that can't possibly frame both men, peaces signs, and synergy:

The distance between Hollywood and Silicon Valley is being bridged by people like Seacrest and Systrom, who are emblematic of an ongoing cross-pollination between these two worlds. Though it’s the friction between the entertainment and technology fields that gets the most attention, mutual interest unites them.

Finally, white men uniting to promote their mutual interests. Indeed, recent tech darling Snapchat is based in L.A., and other startups are taking root in the sleepy showbiz town as an alternative to the Bay Area crowd. So what exactly are these cross-polinators up to?

“The convergence is really that people with a message — whether it’s your new movie or a new song — need a way to reach the largest audience and get your message out,” Systrom said. “It’s about exploring ways to reach audiences and fans in more scalable ways than ever before. And visuals are a natural way to broadcast your message.”

If Instagram can convince Hollywood that visuals are the future of expression, we might really be on the verge of something huge here.