Yesterday, New York tech worker Gesche Haas went public with her story of unwanted sexual advances from a male industry power figure. Today, that man is fessing up.

Pavel Curda, former contributor at TheNextWeb, has apologized for his unwelcome emails. TheNextWeb relayed the following statement from Curda in a post announcing he's been dropped as a contributor:

"I regret sending the messages while I was in Berlin in July, mentioned recently in the press. I apologise for them and I am ready to apologise again in person with a big bouquet of flowers."

TheNextWeb adds:

We're not sure that Haas or Montel will want any flowers from him, but we hope that Curda has learned that his behavior wasn't, and isn't, acceptable. We certainly can't work with people who show this kind of behavior, and then lie to us about it when confronted. Following this incident, we have decided to not accept any more articles from Pavel Curda in the future.

Who's Montel? That's Lucie Montel another techie, who also just came forward after reading Gesche Haas' account:

It might take more than flowers.

Stock photo of contrite man with bouquet via Shutterstock