There's nothing quite like watching two billionaire blowhards fighting it out on basic cable. This time, Carl Icahn and Marc Andreessen are bickering over eBay.

It all started when Icahn, a notorious activist investor, successfully pressured the auction site to spin-off PayPal. That caused a miffed Andreessen—an eBay board member—to start blurting out insults on CNBC, saying Icahn was like an "evil Captain Kirk."

But Icahn later phoned in with his own brilliant brand of pettiness:

"I'm no great fan of Andreessen ... I tried to listen to him but he talks in a high squeaky voice and, you know, when he talks you can't really hear him in my opinion," Icahn said on CNBC's "Fast Money: Halftime Report."

Icahn also said Andreessen represents the bad side of the tech industry, saying that "it's sort of a known fact" that he has "screwed more people than Casanova."

Sadly, the both of them walked away winners. According to Business Insider, eBay's stock climbed 12 percent following news of the PayPal spin-off.

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