We've talked plenty about Google's executive chairman, Eric "2 Hot 4 Instagram" Schmidt, and his love-making manse. Today, here's Bill Maris, managing partner at Google Ventures, one of the most powerful tech investment firms in the world, in dayglo drag.

During the business week, Maris is just a chipper Silicon Valley suit, evangelizing our face-computer future, pumping money into startups, and appearing in the middle of photos like this one:

But at a recent party for Google founder Sergey Brin's wife, Anne Wojcicki, the man atop the company's investment arm was happy to appear as the exact opposite of Nerd Wearing Android Goggles:

After all, it was a Burning Man themed party (we're told), and people who don't adhere to themes at a theme party are the worst of the worst.

Google's reputation has been, for a long while and deservedly so, a buttoned-up, somewhat square privacy menace. It's the tech old guard now, an almost conservative entity, despite Schmidt's hypersexualism and the neon cross-dressing of Maris. Google isn't desperate to be cool, like Yahoo!, but still employs some of the only management figures you'd actually want at your party. Now just show me Eric Schmidt covered in fluorescent face paint, please—for all their talk of innovation, an interesting social life might be one of the few captivating things these people have going on.

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