When it comes to fashion, techies are perhaps best known for being layered in logos. But there are the occasional exceptions. And according to the New York Post—the city's premier publication for fashion tips and aggressive racism—app consultant Rameet Chawla is the "most stylish man in high tech."

Being fashionable is, after all, good for business:

"The way I dress gets me noticed and attracts clients," says the man whose mobile-app design and development company Fueled is worth an estimated $30 million. "I'm on a personal crusade to try and make people in this industry dress a little sharper.

"A lot of people in the tech world have embraced this culture of sweatpants and casual wear, but I like to shake it up."

Shaking it up is a lot of work, apparently. According to Chawla's brief corporate bio, "28 percent of Rameet's day is spent combing his hair and sculpting his beard in the name of fashion."

But it pays of with an impeccable Instagram feed of Jesus-esque mugs:

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Photo: Rameet Chawla