The great tragedy of the pre-Internet era was that My So-Called Life superfans had no way of keeping the teen drama on the air. But we now know where the laconic bad boy, an ambling Zen koan in corduroy, might have ended up: an "early investor" in a "hot" human resources automation startup. Swoon.

As CNN explains, Jared Leto (the animation software behind Jordan Catalano) is so much more than a series of bitching hairdos:

Jared Leto is many things: 90s teen drama star, a powerful portrayer of a transgender AIDS patient, and now, a venture capitalist.

That last role comes by way of his investment in Zenefits, which acts like an insurance broker:

As a centralized human resources automation company, Zenefits' technology handles human resources tasks such as benefits and payroll enrollment, health insurance, and 401k administration for small businesses. The service is free to the small companies, since Zenefits collects fees directly from the benefits providers themselves.

Rock-n-roll, baby.

CNN feels compelled to clarify that "Zenefits isn't all Hollywood pizazz," but it is heating up by startup standards. As predicted, the company just raised $66.5 million from Andreessen Horowitz at a $500 million valuation after raising $15 million this January. It also has a billboard on Route 101.

Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad said that Leto's entrepreneurial instincts led him toward human resources:

"He actually recognized this as something interesting from what he knew from starting his own businesses," Conrad said of Leto's desire to get involved with Zenefits.

The Academy Award winner's previous startups include a live concert streaming service called VyRT and The Hive, a digital media and marketing company.

Conrad says Leto is helping Zenefits "break into markets in the media industry," but the CEO may want to lower his expectations. It looks like only media in the VyRT vault right now is from Leto himself.

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