If you attended college in the mid-to-late-2000s, you probably remember JuicyCampus, a web terror that let students spread anorexia rumors and "WHO GOT FATTEST??" roundups, anonymously. Moral panic perfection. It probably made more than a few people miserable—and now the guy behind it wants forgiveness.

The site was the source of many wrung parental hands (and some trips to the campus counselor), but never turned into anything more than a malicious fad—leaving CEO Matt Ivester with nothing but memories (and advertising revenue) from his slut-shaming heyday.

But after many years of dormancy, the @JuicyCampus account is suddenly spamming journos and PR blabbers with news of "Kindr," a majorly lame sounding app designed to make it easy to compliment people. Haha, yes, we will be sure to download Kindr. That Ivester is still trying to atone for ruining dorm lives in 2013 screams Nervous breakdown, which is really the best the best ending to the libel odyssey we can imagine.