How to get a "30 Under 30" nod from Forbes, in the coveted finance category: provide a documented history of being a bad boss at a company that has never released a single product, or even acknowledged what its product is. Congratulations, Clinkle CEO Lucas Duplan.

Forbes provided the following quotation:

"At the end of the day only one thing will matter: Do people like and use our product?" says Duplan. "Our focus is not on the press or who is backing it. Our focus is on product."

This is a great precedent—how many young Americans have good ideas, but can never or will never actually create them? Why should it be held against a budding entrepreneur that he or she has never "made something" or "done anything" or "been good at their job" in "the real world"? Shouldn't a cool feeling or a twinkle in the eye matter just as much? Did your mother never tell you that sometimes, it's the thought that counts? If we broaden our definition of "changing the world" to include literally everyone who is not dead, does that not make heroes of us all? I want to live in that world.