In the very near future, an app will fix everything, including death, divorce, disease, and dandruff. First up: infertility, a very real problem that some people think can be nixed via iPhone. But first, you need to be ready to type some very, very intimate details into a screen.

This app is called Glow, and it's made by one of the fellows who made PayPal. That one worked out very well, so maybe this will too? Some very prominent investors think so. But what about you, ovary-owner? Slate's Farhad Manjoo (who will never be pregnant, alas) lays out just how probing this app gets:

Every day, Glow wants to know as much about you as you have time to answer, including your morning body temperature; the texture and “wetness” of your cervical mucus; whether you had sex and, if so, the position (the choices are “On bottom,” “In front,” “On top,” and, helpfully, “Other”); if you are experiencing “emotional discomfort” (select green check mark or red X); your weight, if it’s changed; and whether you’re menstruating.

This is only the beginning, as we're in the infancy of the "self-quantifying" movement. Are you OK with swapping this kind of data in exchange for an increased change of making a fetus? How far would you go? Would you tell an app how much you hate your parents and mentally curse their name in exchange for immortality? Or better breath?