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Signs your tech company is doing very well: one of your VPs and head of sales is now starring in what will surely be a terrible piece of television programming. Meet Jenny from LivingSocial, y'all.

Jennifer "Jenny" Terrell is set to star in "Private Lives of Nashville Wives," basically "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," only on a worse network (TNT) and with a worse destiny (swift cancellation). It's unclear how Terrell will reconcile her duties to her struggling company (which include managing a team of over 400) and being a "YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!" cable villain. It sure won't do anything for her image around the office, which is already worse than the wine stains on a Real Housewives dinner table. Just look at the comment section from a Washington City Paper article on LivingSocial's corporate culture:

I'm currently employed and work as an RSM, regional sales manager. What we have at LivingSocial is a place that's turned into www.yellowpages.com, has a senior level manager, Jennifer Terell, who leads, not by teaching, but by intimidation

I've seen a few mentions of Manzac and Leslie Hall, but how do you leave out the worst of the bunch? ......Jennifer Terell. What exactly does she do...

Hey Jennifer, anyone ever tell you that you are a joke, you've never sold a deal, you aren't a leader, fundementaly you should be running phone book sales teams and finally....karma is gonna get you one day.

I hate working for Jennifer Terrell

Jennifer Terrell should have been fired 2 years ago, she is a fraud.

You know things are fucked when someone like Jennifer Terrell has been promoted

1. Jennifer hasn't done 1 single thing for the good of the company, except taking vacations....a lot of 'em.

2. Ask managers who fell under her, how many times that she ignored or missed 1 on 1 calls, these managers couldn't give 2 shits about her and now she's been made vp. How is she going to gain their respect back, she can't she's done.

3. Ask the teams that she's run how awful she was: missed team calls, missed 1 on 1 calls, no interaction with management, no accountability, no transparency. No coaching of reps she handled, no work with or ridealongs in teh markets.

4. Ask HR the reviews that she's received, they are fucking awful, I know, I've seen 'em.

5. All this information is known, she knows that this isn't her job by results, it's by bullying folks.

5. Finally, she couldn't sell a deal in her hometown if it life depended on it and that's why she has zero credibility.

Let's make "Jenny" the face of LS and she can make-out with all of your husbands at 50% off, because Jenny is definitely not a fun sponge!

Say, it actually seems like she'll be a fantastic reality TV character—and if you're an exec at LivingSocial right now, it's probably smart to have a day job.

LivingSocial did not immediately comment on Jennifer Terrell's TV stardom, but I will update accordingly.