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One of the most famous, lauded men in technology just called one of the most infamous men in the world a "traitor," on national television—all because the former is worried the latter might cost him some money.

It's not even the content of Ed Snowden's NSA revelations that bothers Marc Andreessen so much—if you were as smart as Andreessen, and just read some books, or whatever, you wouldn't have been so surprised by the fact that our government created an intricate machine for spying on its own citizens. Besides, the data-rich companies Andreessen makes money off of are what make it so easy for the NSA to spy in the first place.

What truly makes Snowden a "textbook traitor," Andreessen told CNBC this morning, is that his whistleblowing might make foreign companies less likely to do business with Silicon Valley. The federal domestic spying apparatus is bad PR.

Watch the full interview below.