She wasn't just going to let Mark Zuckerberg be the only one swallowing up adjacent property, was she? She's been in Vogue, don't you know,and if she wants to spend $11.2 million on a Palo Alto mortuary a block away from her house, then God bless her.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports Mayer is overpaying a bit for the grim digs:

Talk about a stiff price: The property was last assessed in 2012 at $672,285. The location includes a 12,000-square-foot mortuary, according to title records. It was built in 1951.

A local real estate tipster added the following:

The property is registered to "980 Middlefield LLC." This LLC was formed on September 26, 2013 and the registered agent is Helen Sedwick. Maybe her husband aspires to get into land development and it's a project of his. I can't really see her leaving her peaceful Palo Alto house for something like this.

Or, it might be as simple as needing a place to stick Yahoo! Mail and Rockmelt someday soon.