Welcome to the latest installment of Billionaire Musical Chairs. This week's round was a doozy. Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg zoomed past billionaire Larry Page, as billionaires-in-training watched the net worth from the sidelines. The real action, however, was on the real estate front.

Pacific Business News reports that Zuckerberg is the "likely buyer" of a 357-acre beachfront estate on the North Shore of Kauai. In August, the property went on the market for $70 million, but PBN's source says it's likely to sell for $66 million. That is a but a sliver of Zuckerberg's $34 billion net worth. But the price is right if it means Zuckerberg (the third-richest man in tech) can get co-tropical with Larry Ellison (the second-richest man in tech with a net worth of $50 billion).

Sure Ellison has his own island, but the property Zuckerberg is reportedly considering isn't exactly shabby chic:

Located at 7480 Koolau Road in Kilauea, the Kahuaina Plantation is being dubbed one of the last large beachfront parcels developed on Kauai with the seller investing major amounts of money over the years to satisfy all development requirements.

It is fully entitled for 80 homesites with approved roads.

Mere months ago, Business Insider was awestruck by the overpowering humility of Zuckerberg's affordable car choice. But it's a slippery slope from a James Perse upgrade to a Hawaiian manor. Our once scrappy tech idols may have a tricky time staying true to the slogan etched inside their overpriced, but oh-so-soft hoodies.

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[Top image via Associated Press; bottom image via TechCrunch]