For an example of how privacy in the digital age can get dot complicated, check out the public listing for Mark Zuckerberg's $7 million Palo Alto mansion on Foursquare. Judging by the name of the location, "Mark Zuckerberg's House," he didn't create the venue himself and it's probably not the kind of attention a billionaire who wears a shirt in the ocean is looking for.

The only tip left by a Foursquare user? "Don't mess with the guy in the black SUV parked outside."

Zuck's address, which has already been widely published, is apparent from the photo of his front gate. But the attached images also depict the Planned Parenthood protest that happened outside Zuck's house during his fundraiser for Republican governor Chris Christie. (Expect more of that now that Zuckerberg's lobbying group,, is embroiled in controversy for bankrolling ads trashing President Obama and supporting oil drilling in the Arctic.)

Another image shows your average awkward tech party (dress code: confused), but the moldings don't match up to previously published interior shots.

The residence already boasts 181 visitors who have checked-in 257 times. Maybe this opens up a new demographic for Foursquare's big retargeting plan: the Palo Alto Privacy Confused.

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[Images via Foursquare]