Brandon Stanton, the photog behind mega-popular portrait site Humans of New York, is posting specimens from his trip to Zuckerberg's Money Den. The results? Portlandia meets Palo Alto.

Join us on a walk through geek paradise, Silicon Sanssouci. Some FB revelations include:

Facebook has its own private employee barbershop. "Our most popular haircut right now is probably a fade with a part on top. It's a hipster haircut."

Juvenile was hanging out in the cafeteria for some reason.

This fellow collects socks, and generally sounds pretty cool to talk to:

"I collect socks. I have a about 40 pairs."
"Which socks get the most comments?"
"Definitely my Virgin Mary socks."

This guy named Mark sounds frustrated:

"My name is Mark."
"In what way are you most like Mark Zuckerberg?"
"I'm really not like Mark Zuckerberg."
"Oh, c'mon."
"We're both Jewish guys named Mark who are on Facebook."

This woman was a theology major—not usually a quick inroad to tech employment. "My left arm depicts creation— Eve, the snake, all that. My right arm depicts the end— you know... Gabriel, The Devil, those things." For what is Facebook if not a constant struggle between good and evil? Oh, God.

This cool man is tasked with cooking Zuck his favorite treats:

"I run the culinary operations here."
"What's Mark Zuckerberg's favorite food?"
"I really shouldn't say."
"Oh, c'mon."

"Goat cheese filled dates wrapped with bacon."

Does Mark have a private taster?

Finally, this guy exists. He's real. He's out there. He's connecting the future.

Browse the entire gallery (with an open mind) at—where else—Facebook.

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