Nature abhors a vacuum, Silicon Valley abhors even the most minute attempt at criticism. So when Quartz's Christopher Mims wrote "2013 was a lost year for tech," gallant techies took offense. Charging at the fore was TechCrunch alum and VC MG Siegler, who has really had it up to here with reporters thinking critically:

I guess the larger point that I didn't get across clearly enough is that a lot of these people writing about technology today almost seem to hate it — or at least they're extremely skeptical of it by default.

This is tech industry myopia put in its purest, bleakest form—skepticism of skepticism. This is a case where someone literally could not be more wrong: defaulting to skepticism should be the job of anyone who writes about any industry, lest we wind up with more discursive blog diarrhea like this. Silicon Valley is a utopia in the making, according to many prominent loons, and utopias won't tolerate questioning or criticism. It's why so many software engineers consider it inconceivable that Paul Graham is a sexist, why bad ideas get money, and why skepticism about technology is tantamount to hating technology. And it's why, with people like Siegler drawing large audiences, we need more skepticism than ever—when industry bullshit is at an all-time high, skepticism ought to be, too.