It's been a couple months since the last employee throat-slitting over at AOL, but the peaceful streak ends today: more firings across many departments while a new exec summers on Martha's Vineyard.

According to multiple sources within the company, a "round" of layoffs is planned for staffers in (what's left of) AIM, video production, and HR. One tipster slated for termination says the move is "most likely stemming from the hire of new CEO of Aol Networks," Bob Lord. "I highly doubt these terminations break any records for AOL," this source adds, "but I think the Street and the investing public have a right to know that the business is not doing as well as Tim Armstrong and other executives have led on." The tipster is privy to several other cannings:

Three other members of my team sitting in Dulles [Virginia] were laid off as well. Collectively they spent over 30 years at AOL, have a total of 7 kids, and one is getting married in the fall...At least 6 people...both in the NY and Beverly Hills offices were let go today - one of whom had just been promoted last month.

More details (including farewell messages from AOL's internal listserv) and a pink slip, below:

"Very unprofessional execution of this as some people laid off were new to the company (myself - only worked at AOL for 2 months and was assured the company had moved passed massive layoffs as a strategy) and others who had just recently received promotions. Guess AOL is just keeping up with company tradition. Very sad."

"I think it's important to highlight, for my specific story, two instances that make me laugh and roll my eyes: (1) the day before I was laid off I overheard a number of Business Analysts discussing staying at a Trump hotel in Chicago on the company dime; (2) during his introduction speech, Bob Lord made mention of how his family "summers" on Martha's Vineyard. Just two points that I think highlight reckless spending inside AOL's business units as well as the all-too-familiar "out of touch" accusation aimed at high-level executives."

"19 years and 2 months... was hoping for at least 20. 16 of that on AIM. Feels kind of surreal. Thanks to everyone I've worked with, and goodbye to whoever I don't see today."

"Unfortunately, I got the dreaded 10PM email last night that said I have an important HR meeting today, so I wanted to take a moment to say thanks and farewell before my access disappears. I have enjoyed working with you for the last 5 years and consider many of you personal friends. I will miss you."

"I am now on the job hunt, so please send any leads my way. I would appreciate any help that you may have to offer. Wow, I 've been at AOL over 12 years all of that time working on AIM."

Condolences to anyone affected, and please get in touch if you have anything to share.

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