Just because Bitcoin is the future doesn't mean its true believers don't respect tradition. Since May, the community has been hosting a poorly-attended trading pit in Union Square as an "homage to Wall Street." Now it's moved indoors to the newly-opened Bitcoin Center on Broad Street.

The center, which looks like a salad strainer designed by Jeremy Bentham, hosted what it called the "Mother of all Satoshi Squares & World's Largest Bitcoin Auction!" and a bunch of press showed up. (Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of Bitcoin's mysterious inventor.)

According to Business Insider, less than a quarter of the 100 attendees actually dove into the pit. "The intensity is palpable," the blog reports, even if the energy is mostly for show:

Ultimately, the live trading is only going to be a minor (albeit enjoyable) aspect of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The real value here is giving people a place to congregate, swap ideas, party (there was free liquor) and just get stoked about the burgeoning BItcoin community in New York.

And what better way to get people "stoked" than by aping the sweaty desperation of a boiler room, just applied to a currency based on a passing meme:

A Dogecoin evangelist named Lewis, who brought his mining rig to the pit party, told Business Insider:

He explained that Dogecoin is the "backbone" of meme monetization and that, "All meme coins of the future are going to be pegged to doge."

Isn't it pretty to think so?

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