Any company can offer a few bean bag chairs plopped around an Xbox—that's just not good enough anymore. The next big thing in closing the great Perk Gap isn't more snacks, but turning your office into a vintage arcade.

The goal is simple: disintegrate the line between work and home, between business and pleasure, between a company and childhood fantasy. All You Can Arcade is tapping into this wish to make offices into improvised playpens: for just $75 per month, San Francisco offices can rent Pac Man one month, Tetris another, and go down the list from over 100 available titles. In return, employees can add nostalgic arcade gaming to their workday of complimentary massages, unlimited vacation, endless buffets, and coding until 2 in the morning.

People dig it, of course: WTOP News reports "employees at the advertising firm 11 Inc. clapped and hooted with excitement, ready to zap pixelated bugs from outer space" once their game was delivered. Offices are of course the main customers, says All You Can Arcade CEO Seth Peterson: "three out of every four games is going to an office versus someone's home, and that most offices either take a single game for their break room, or they are setting up mini-arcades with four or more games and turning them into real life vintage arcades for their employees."

But who will provide the startup perks to the company that provides the startup perks? [via Betabeat]